Schemes with gross command area up to 2000 Hectares fall under this category. The detailed district wise physical and financial status of ongoing minor irrigation schemes as on March 2004 comprising flow schemes, lift schemes and ground water schemes are given in Table No. III. The physical status of completed schemes is given in Table No. IV.
The gross command area above 2000 Hectares and up to10,000 Hectares fall under this category.
The gross command area covered by the irrigation project above 10,000 Hectares is known as Major scheme.

Types of Irrigation Schemes

1. Gravity/Flow Irrigation Scheme
Water is headed up at upstream of Head works and thereby diverted to canal system. The water is conveyed to the field by gravity only. Such irrigation scheme consists of Head works across river and canal network. The scheme is more useful although the capital cost is high. It requires low maintenance cost. No power supply is necessary; rather, some schemes generate power.
2. Lift Irrigation Scheme
In this system water is lifted by pumps either from river/reservoir and then diverted to canal network. Such schemes may be electrically operated or diesel driven.
3. Ground water Scheme

Tube well irrigation is the most economical method of utilizing ground water resource. Like above, these types of schemes can also be operated either by power or by diesel. The total replenisable ground water potential for the state of Assam has been assessed as 22,47,883 Ha. m. Out of this 19,10,691 Ha. m. has been allocated to irrigation sector. A total of 2,10,165 no. of shallow tube wells and 1496 nos. of deep tube wells have been installed in the state. Total ground water utilized from the above tube wells is 2,23,722.80 Ha. m. annually. The percentage utilization is11.71%. Being the Nodal Department for regulation of the use of ground water resources, a draft bill to regulate use of ground water in the state of Assam has been prepared in the line of the model bill prepared by Govt. of India and submitted for consideration by the Assembly and subsequent enactment.

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