• Uncertain flow of fund.
  • Very meagre amount for last several years
    against maintenance and upkeeping
  • Non-conducive situation during the working
    period (November to May).
  • Unusual natural calamities, especially flash floods.
  • Improper monitoring of progress of work by different State / Central authorities.

  1. Reasons for low utilisation of created potential :
    • Shortage of maintenance fund
    • Frequent power failure & low voltage
    • Non-implementation of CAD works in irrigation commands fully.
    • Lack of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)
    • Lack of Warabondi System in distribution of water.
    • Reluctance of farmers to adopt multiple cropping practices and in some command areas even to grow crops by utilising available irrigation potential.
  2. Steps to be taken to bridge the gap:
    • Providing adequate regular maintenance and repairing fund  
    • Initiating co-ordination with APDCL Authority for regular power supply with required minimum voltage.    
    • Adoption/implementation of CAD & WM Works in all the ongoing irrigation schemes for better utilisation of created potential

Action taken : EE’s have already been directed to convene fortnightly meeting with APDCL/ Agriculture/ Civil Authority for better utilization of Irrigation Potential.

  • Agriculture Department is to be impressed upon to motivate the farmers to utilize the potential available from irrigation schemes adopting multiple and weather friendly crops.
  • Formation of Water User’s Associations (WUA) within the Command Areas of all the Irrigation Schemes for economic and judicious use of Irrigation Water, thus helping in narrowing the gap between potential created and potential utilised.
    • There are 647 numbers of Water Users’ Association within the Command Areas of Irrigation Schemes out of which 348 numbers have been registered so far and the rest 299 numbers are under process of Registration.
  • To formulate policy for making the process of registration of WUA easy to encourage more farmer associations to act & deliver. The cumbersome process at present deter farmers from registering their Water Users’ Associations

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