The goal and important policy objectives of India’s development planning in respect of agricultural plans have aimed at food and fodder availability, growth in agriculture, sustainable agro practices, easy access to agro – inputs and implementation of irrigated agriculture. Therefore, irrigation has been considered as one of the six important components for the development of rural infrastructure under Bharat Nirman and aims at creating more irrigation potential in the coming years to mitigate the drought / drought like situations whenever it is being experienced and increase agricultural production to feed the burgeoning population in the country.

In due cognizance of the criticality of irrigated agriculture in ensuring adequate production which results both in food security and economic growth , Irrigation Department was initiated its independent functioning in the year 1974 by bifurcating it from the erstwhile Flood Control and Irrigation Department. The Department is playing a vital role in the development of irrigation potential of Assam by harnessing the rich surface water and ground water resources of the state. Irrigation department Assam has created an irrigation potential of 7.33 lakes hectares through the government irrigation schemes/projects constructed and maintained by irrigation department itself. The main service of the department is to supply water to the crop field as per demand of the cultivators and as per requirement with a view to delivering the service to the citizen/cultivators. The assistant Executive Engineers (whom the cultivators can meet in their locality) have been declared as the “irrigation officers”.

Under the irrigation officers there are section officers and section assistants in every irrigation sub- divisions/ irrigation sector within the command area of every irrigation schemes. Basing on the availability at source, irrigational water is supplied to crop field on receipt of a simple application or even on verbal information to the field stuff of the department.

The citizen charter of the department is as under-

Sl Nature of service/ work Concerning office Stuff in charge Officers in charge Over all control
1 Supply of irrigation water
Irrigation divisions of the locality
Section officer (Assistant engineer/ Junior engineer)
Assistant Executive Engineer
Executive Engineer of the irrigation division
2 Land acquisition -Do- -Do-
Executive Engineer/Land acquisition officer of the department
Chief engineer, irrigation.
Appointment / transfer / posting
Superintending Engineer in respect of the Irrigation division under his jurisdiction /
Chief Engineer in respect of the whole department

Head Assistant


Executive Engineer

Deputy Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer, Irrigation

Registration of contractor
Superintending Engineer in respect of class III. Chief Engineer in respect of class I & II.
Assistant Engineer H/A
Superintending, General Branch
Executive Engineer
Deputy Chief Engineer
Executive Engineer
Chief Engineer, Irrigation
Preparation of budget
Chief Engineer
Superintendant, Budget Branch Executive Engineer
Executive Engineer
Chief Engineer, Irrigation
Preperation and furnishing of reply to the applicant under RTI Act 2005
Director Design (Irrigation)
Nodal Officer- Director Design, Irrigation; SPIO-Addl. CE(M&I)
Chief Engineer, Irrigation

Redressal of Public Grievance:

The grievances of the cultivators (in terms of irrigation) are solved at the field level by the Assistant Executive Engineers at Subdivision office or Executive Engineers at Division offices within their reach. Those beyond the control of the Executive Engineer are forwarded to the Superintending Engineer of the concerned circle and accordingly to Additional Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer in the hierarchy. A public grievances cell was created in the office of the Chief Engineer (I) for redressal of the grievances if any, in respect of irrigation services as well as other matters related to the department.

List of Services:

1 Providing irrigation water to the crop field for the use of farmers.
2 Implementation of irrigation scheme with supply network.
3 Collection of irrigation service charges for the beneficiaries.
4 Providing employment opportunity to citizens and various levels as regular employee and/or on contractual basis.
5 Checking soil erosion of river bank at the upstream and downstream of head work location of irrigation schemes.
6 Providing the facility of transportation by utilizing the approach road of canal embankment of irrigation structures.
7 Providing scope for production of electric power by constructing mini hydel projects in the Irrigation cannel.
8 Protective afforestation along cannel embankments.
9 Providing low intensity flood mitigation measure.
10 Providing water for maintenance of fisheries.

Appointment of vigilance officer:-

One Additional Chief Engineer in charge of inspection and quality control of the irrigation works has been appointed to look after and keep vigilance of the field works. The officer is an independent and directly connected with the administrative head i.e. the Secretary, Irrigation Department, Assam. Moreover, Project level vigilance and monitoring committee comprising Superintending Engineer as Chairman , Executive Engineer as member secretary, hon’ble local MLA as member , Asstt, General Manager of APDCL as member, EE Mechanical Division as member, EE Electrical Division as member, a representative from DC as member to look after operation, maintenance and better coordination with other related department. Altogether forty five project vigilance and monitoring committee has been set up in the department.

Nodal officers for reforms:-

One Additional Chief secretary looks over the important works with his advice & suggestion as a part of reform. For compliance of e-Governance program Superintending Engineer Monitoring Cell of Irrigation Department was appointed as Nodal Officer. As per instruction of Information and Technology Department, e-Procurement program is getting its way in the department for transparency and easy access to the tendering system with collaboration of National Informatic Centre, Assam and Director Design, Irrigation has been appointed as Nodal Officer. Employees Data sheet has been prepared of all the staffs and officers of the department and well-set to be uploaded in the portal generated by Finance Department.

Arrangement for attending audit objection:-

One senior FAO, two FAO, three Account Officer, Audit Branch who regularly looks after and carry out the works of verification of expenditure and attend to the audit objection as and where necessary. The Audit Branch keep close attachment with the Accountant General office and reconcile the expenditure statement as received from field division offices.

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