The Irrigation Department along with Assam State Minor Irrigation Development Corporation (ASMIDC) Ltd. has achieved an irrigation potential of 8.82 Lakh Hectares upto March 2015. Of this, 2.73 Lakh Hectares has been achieved under Major /Medium Irrigation Sector from 15 No. of completed projects and 5 No. of ongoing projects and 6.09 Lakh Hectares under Minor Irrigation Sectors from 1425 No. of completed Minor Irrigation Schemes and from some of 1390 ongoing Minor Irrigation Schemes.In practice Irrigation Deptt. has created 7.32 lakh hectare Irrigation potential (neglecting the figure created by ASMIDC which has no existence in the field) . The total achievement is around 27.11% of the State’s Ultimate Irrigation Potential of 27.00 Lakh Hectares. The total achievement is around 32.66% of the State’s Ultimate Irrigation Potential of 27.00 Lakh Hectares.

The details of Irrigation Potential achieved from Completed and Ongoing Schemes are as under :

The breakup of Irrigation potential along with no. of completed and ongoing schemes are furnished below:

Deptt./Agency Irrigation potential created (AIA) upto March 2015 (in hectare) No. of Irrigation schemes (assessed upto March 2015)
Major & Medium sector Minor Irrigation sector Total Category Completed Ongoing Total
Irrigation Deptt. 2,72,613 4,59,986 7,32,599 Major & Medium : 15 5 20
Minor 1425 1286 2711
Total 2,72,613 4,59,986 7,32,599 1440 1291 2731
ASMIDC (now merged with Irrigation Deptt.) nil 1,49,205 1,49,205 LLP
Grand Total: 2,72,613 6,09,191 8,81804

The state-wide Irrigation Programme was formally started in the Vth Five Year Plan period. Due to low fund allocation during VIII th Plan to IX th Plan period and increase in salary expenditure caused by revision of pay scale there existed hardly any fund for work programme. Practically no works could be completed out of the normal plan allocation after meeting the salary expenditure which affected the creation of additional potential in the state. Upto early part of VIIIth Plan, the department completed 10 no. of Major/Medium projects, viz. Jamuna, Sukla, Longa, Horguti, Dikhari, Kaliabor, Bhumki, Kaldiya, Kulsik and Dekadong Irrigation Projects and 1521 no. of Minor Irrigation Schemes. Another 10 no. of ongoing Major/Medium Projects like Dhansiri, Champamati, Bordikrai, Intd. Kallong, Borolia, Pahumara, Rupohi, Buridehing, Hawaipur and 1327 no. of ongoing Minor Irrigation Schemes spilled over to IXth Plan. However, assistance was taken from Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) since 1996 – 97 in Major/Medium Irrigation Sector and also some Minor Schemes were taken up under AIBP since 2000-01. Also works of Irrigation Schemes could be taken with assistance from NLCPR, ARIASP funded by World Bank and subsequently under RIDF – X and RIDF – XI from NABARD. Thus the position could be reversed with higher allocation of fund in Irrigation Sector.


(a) AIBP Programme (General and Hills)

Irrigation Deptt. received assistance from Central Govt. under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) for completion of 10 nos. of ongoing Major/Medium Irrigation projects which were facing time overrun due to low fund allocation from State Plan. The projects that received the central assistance under AIBP are Dhansiri, Champamati, Bordikrai, Intd. Kallong, Borolia, Pahumara, Rupohi, Buridehing, Hawaipur. Since starting of this programme in 1996-97, the department incurred expenditure up to March/2015 amounting to Rs. 845.862 crore against which achievement made is 1,80,168 Hectares by completing 6 nos. and rest is from ongoing projects.

Under minor Irrigation sector Irrigation Deptt. received sanction of 778 nos. of minor Irrigation schemes at an estimated cost of Rs. 307856.96 lakhs to achieve a target of 369568.71 hectare since 2000-01. Till now 493 nos. has been completed creating (including revival) a potential of 203456 hectare. For Minor Irrigation Schemes, department has received Rs. 164048.62 lakh from 2000-01 to 2014-15 from GOI and achieved a potential of 203456 Hectares. Actual fund released by Govt. of Assam are Rs. 164386.19Lakh (CA) and Rs. 15926.993 lakh (SS)

(b) NLCPR Programme (General Area)

In the first phase of this program, in General Area, the department took up 86 Nos. of ongoing Minor Irrigation Schemes for completion at Rs. 11.21 Crores and a potential of 12,745 Hectares has already been achieved. In the second phase, works of 25 Nos. of ongoing Minor Irrigation Schemes are taken up at Rs. 3.19 Crore for a target of 3,490 Hectares; out of which 13 Nos. have been completed upto June’04 achieving around 2878 Hectares. Since 2007-08, another 6 nos. of minor irrigation schemes have been sanctioned with total project cost of Rs. 3103.62 lakh to achieve a targeted potential of 4510 hectare (NIA). Out of these 3 nos. (Dakhindol LIS, LIS from river Buridehing in Sessoni Mouza and LIS from river Buridehing in tengakhat Mouza) are completed creating a potential of 2510 hectare.

(c) NLCPR Programme (Hill Area)

Since 1999-2000, 12 Nos. of ongoing schemes are taken up at Rs. 79.88 Crores for a target of 10,099 Hectares out of which 5 Nos. have been completed while the remaining 7 are partially completed achieving 2,339 hectares.

(d) ARIASP Programme

Under this programme, in General Area, rehabilitation of 192 Nos. of Minor Irrigation Schemes have been completed out of 222 Nos of schemes at Rs. 8.734 Crore stabilizing irrigation in 6,067 Hectares and another proposal for 34 Nos. Schemes (31 MLIS + 3 Rehab of RPS) at Rs.83.23 Lakhs and bringing 462 Hectares under irrigation coverage was submitted.


With NABARD Assistance 22 nos. of minor irrigation schemes completed under RIDF-X upto 2007-08 creating a potential of 7111 hectare. Another 11 nos. of minor irrigation schemes out of 12 nos. completed under RIDF- XI upto 2012 creating a potential of 7068 hectare. Modernisation of Sukla Irrigation Project (Major) was completed during 2010 under RIDF-XI and BTC funding, reviving a lost potential of 27,400 hectare. Under RIDF-XVI, works of 2 nos. of MIS are in progress with estimated amount of Rs. 708.95 lakh to achieve potential of 570 hectare.

Another 102 nos. of incomplete schemes are sanctioned under RIDF-XVIII with estimated cost of Rs. 7885.87 lakh to achieve a potential of 6862 hectare and under RID-XIX, 21 SCHEMES SANCTIONED WITH ESTIMATED AMOUNT OF Rs.11565.73 to achieve potential of 9127 hectare.


Under ABY, works of 28 nos. of sick irrigation schemes (Minor schemes-27 & Medium Project-1) are taken up for revival since 2008-09 with estimate cost of Rs. 993.24 lakh in minor irrigation sector and Rs. 247.40 lakh for one medium project (Rupahi I/P) to revive lost potential of 1780 hectare and 5668 hectare respectively. In minor irrigation sector 18 nos. completed till date reviving 1332 hectare.


Under SCSP funding the department has takenup works of 253 nos. of minor schemes since 2005-06 with estimated amount of Rs.15392.13 lakh to achieve potential of 30078 hectare. Till March 2015, 134 nos. completed creating a potential of 16426 hectare.


Under TSP funding the department has taken up works of 102 nos. of minor irrigation schemes since 2005-06 with an estimated amount of Rs. 5748.522 lakh to achieve a potential of 14135 hectare. Till March 2015, 45 nos. completed creating a potential of 9757 hectare.


With NEC funding, 2 nos. of minor irrigation schemes completed achieving a potential of 370 hectare. Works of another 2 nos. are in progress with estimated amount of Rs. 903 lakh to achieve a potential of 635 hectare.

(J) Under State Specific Scheme, 4 nos. of schemes are completed with estimated amount of Rs. 3000.00 lakh creating a potential of 1748 hectare. Another 2 schemes are proposed under this funding with budget provision of Rs. 600.00 lakh.

(K) Under CM’s special package, work of 2 schemes in Dhemaji District, 4 schemes in Barak Valley and 500 nos. of STW points in Dhakuakhana are proposed to create potential of 400 hectare, 992 hectare and 1000 hectare respectively .


Centrally sponsored Command Area Development and water Management (CADWM) Programme was launched in this State in the year 1974-75 with the main objective is bridging the gap between potential created and potential utilized and for development of adequate delivery system of Irrigation Water up to farmer’s field with an object to enhance water use efficiency and production and productivity of crops per unit of land and water for improving socio-economic condition of farmers. For implementation of Command Area Development and Water Management (CADWM) Programme, 8(eight) nos of schemes have been taken up in this state till date and out of these 4(four) nos. of schemes namely Jamuna I.S., Kaliabor L.I.S., Sukla I.S and Integrated Kollong have covered 49,235 Ha out of 54,605 Ha and already been considered as completed and deleted from the CADWM programme, Assam during the year 2003-04.

At present 4 (four) nos. of schemes namely (1)Kaldiya , (2)Dekadong , (3) Bardikarai and (4)Pahumara are running as on-going scheme under Command Area Development and Water Management Programme, in this state.

Out of these 4(four) on-going projects, regarding Kaldiya & Dekadong Irrigation Scheme, targeted potential so far achieved up to March, 2013 is 7560 Ha (77.81%) and 3620 Ha(83.56%) respectively and these two schemes have been targeted to complete within current financial year 2013-14. The remaining two on-going schemes i.e. Bardikarai & Pahumara CAD Project have been targeted to complete during the year 2014-15. CADWM program to Kaldia I/P, Dekadong I/S, Bordikorai I/S & Pahumara I/P are in ongoing stage covering an area of 14,658 hectare.

In addition to that 8(eight) nos. of new projects have been proposed for inclusion under the CADWM programme, Assam during XII th five year plan (2012-13 to 2016-17).


Due to fund constraints, adequate maintenance works of schemes could not be taken up for a long period. As a result, many schemes remained partially or fully inoperative. However, with availability of adequate fund, maintenance works of schemes are taken up as follows to make the schemes fully functional.

• Under the 13th Finance Commission Grant- in-Aid for the year 2011-12, revival works of 83 Nos. Minor Irrigation Schemes are taken up to revive the lost potential of 3,755 Ha. In Major/Medium sector, 4 Projects are taken up to revive 1,000 Ha. of lost potential .

• Another 219 Nos. Minor Irrigation Schemes are taken up under Special M&R for the year 2012-13 for restoration/revival of 19,410 Ha. 12 Nos. Major/Medium Irrigation schemes are taken up under special M&R for the year 2012-13 for restoration/revival of 6,635 Ha.


To combat the erratic power supply situation a pilot Deep Tube Well scheme powered by Solar Energy at Borlah near Hajo has been taken up with a target of 30 Ha. of Irrigation potential. Proposal has been formulated to take up some irrigation schemes powered by solar energy for hassle free operation.


89,231 Ha. of lost Irrigation Potential have been restored by reviving 11 Nos. of partially operated Major / Medium Irrigation Projects. Another 799 Nos. defunct Minor Irrigation Schemes have been put into operation reviving a lost potential of 1,56,128 Ha since 2006-07.


For better irrigation Management, and to improve Irrigation efficiency, active participation of farmers is necessary which is attained through PIM by formation of Water User’s Association (WUA) from the beneficiary members. The WUA will be responsible for Operation & Maintenance of the schemes. In Irrigation Department altogether 1096 nos. of Water User’s Association has been formed till 31-03-2015 out of which 582 are registered and 513 are unregistered. The process of handing over of the schemes to WUA for Operation & Maintenance has already been started and 170 nos. of schemes handed over to WUA.

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